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Tourist Visa


It is applicable in case you are travelling for tourism..Tourist visa- visa with the following purposes of travel: «tourism», «automobile tourism», «aim tourism», «tourism hunting»

Common tourist visa is issued to foreign citizens for a short-term stay in the country for the purpose of tourism (going to cultural events, excursions, sight-seeing).

It is issued on the basis of the duly executed contract on rendering tourist services and confirmation of acceptance of the foreign tourist by a Russian organization conducting tour operator activity.

It entitles visitors to enter the country in order to conduct brief business negotiations, attend exhibitions, auctions and medical consultations or examinations. In such cases, in order to confirm that the foreign tourist is expected, “aim-tourism” should be put in the field “purpose of visit”, and the visa will be issued for the number of days required in order to attend the event, as shown in the accommodation confirmation (but no longer than 30 days). As a rule, such visa is not issued for 30 days.

Tourist visa can be valid for a single or double entry.

Double entry tourist visa is issued to foreign citizen only in cases when, according to the documents, the tourist plans to visit other states neighboring Russia during their visit to the country (countries of the near abroad (CIS, Baltic states)) or states from which they will return through the Russian territory. The route must be stated on the tourist’s ticket (or on the confirmation of approval of a foreign tourist, issued by the Russian organization hosting the tourist), but not on the tour operator’s voucher (contract on rendering tourist services).

The maximum length of stay while travelling to Russia on a tourist visa is 30 days.

Visa Fees

Visa fees and processing time options are mentioned for Chinese citizens. The other country nationals can check the visa fees and the terms applicable for them directly at the Visa Application Centre or through our call centre.

All address and phone number details can be found on our «Contact Us» page.

Please note that not all visa applications can be processed urgently. The possibility of express and urgent procedures depends on multiple factors, such as applicant’s citizenship, visa category, number of entries, type of invitation letter, etc.

Visa Category Processing Time Visa Fee
Tourist Visa - Single entry visa  Normal processing 320 RMB
Urgent processing 512 RMB
Express processing 768 RMB
Tourist Visa - Double entry visa   Normal processing 640 RMB
Urgent processing 832 RMB
Express processing 1088 RMB

Above mentioned Visa Fee is to be paid only by cash in RMB.

Logistic Fee

  • Service Charge for Visa Application – 240 RMB per person

To make your visa application journey more comfortable, please avail benefits of our optional Additional Services.

Please Note:

The applicable visa fee in RMB is as per the current exchange rate. The same is subject to change without notice.

Documents Required

  1. Original valid passport along with the copy of the main page( passport should have at least 2 blank pages intended for visa, passport should have 6 months of validity since the date of the expiry of visa)
  2. One color photograph (3.5 cm x 4.5cm)
  3. Printed visa application form (filled on the website
  4. Foreign Tourist Tour Confirmation issued by inbound Russian travel agency (original)
  5. Tickets with confirmed dates of entry and exit from Russian Federation
  6. For the third countries (do not include Chinese people) the copy of the visa or the permit to stay in the foreign country for more than 90 days.
  7. The European countries should provide a medical insurance policy valid within the entire period of stay in Russian Federation (the minimum amount of cover must be EUR 30,000) or the guarantee written by the organization or by the legal person which confirms the cover of all the medical  expenses of the applicant during the entire period in Russian Federation.

Photo Specifications

All photos must meet the requirements listed below. If these requirements have not been met, the applicant will have to deliver a new photo that meets the requirements. The photo requirements are the same for children as for adults.

The photo should be 3,5×4,5 cm ( be in colour or black and white) with the full-face facing the camera directly, the glasses cannot be coloured and without head-dress( the head-dress is allowed for the foreign citizens whose nationality or religion required to wear a head-dress with the condition that the foreign citizens in the passport photo also wear the head-dress).

Online Application Form

All the applicants are required to complete the Visa Application Form online before submitting the applications in the Visa Application Centre.